Inspiring action, adventure and fun

I have been working with EXTREME since 1995 as a Creative Director.

Initially created to manage and represent the new generation of extreme sport athletes, the brand has continuously evolved, attracting a loyal following of over 4 million Facebook fans.

Today, we provide physical and digital action and adventure experiences for an engaged audience of millions of fans, and authentic access for organisations wishing to interact with them.

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Athlete’s and Events

Influencer sponsorship programs for over 120 athletes and activation for over 80 events.

Media Network

Branded content distribution, engagement and reach to over 100 million highly engaged people.

Creative Studios

Content production and marketing agency driving 30 million interactions and 80 million video views a month.


Design, development and management of visionary large scale sport and leisure real estate projects.

Brand Licensing

Branded product and immersive experience partnerships.

In today’s increasingly sedentary and virtual world, it’s all too easy to be overcome by what’s not important and let real life slide by. But deep within each and every one of us there exists a natural instinct to break away from this new ‘normal’... to escape day-to-day monotony, get closer to nature, challenge our bodies, refresh our minds and protect our environment.

At EXTREME our mission is to enable people to realise this subconscious desire and to explore beyond their comfort zone, to live more, to laugh more, to enjoy the ride and share the buzz with friends.

We achieve this by using action sport, adventure and fun to inspire, activate, connect and entertain through our unique network of athletes, events, content, media, destinations, partnerships and experiences.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously! It’s not just about how fast we go, how high we jump or how hard we fall… it’s also about how much we smile.