T O M   H U T T O N

From technology to action sports, from education to healthcare I help organisations to tell their story and better engage customers, staff and stakeholders.

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From the world’s most popular doughnuts to Google’s enterprise solutions

Over 25 years as a creative in the marketing and communications industry, building brands and engaging consumers in profitable relationships.

I left school with the dream of becoming a sculptor, but somewhere along the way I took a different turn and ended up as a designer in an interactive design agency. I have now worked as Creative Director for over 20 years at agencies across the UK, Asia and Australia, leading mainstream and DM campaigns across TV, print and radio for brands such as Arnotts, Australian Federal Government, Cathay Pacific, Coca Cola, Google, J Farren-Price, Johnson & Johnson, Krispy Kreme, LJ Hooker, MasterCard, Medallia, Medtronic, Microsoft, Nikon, NSW Government, Telstra, Weight Watchers, Westpac, VMware and Xbox. Today I help organisations to develop the content and messaging they need to navigate the increasingly complex world of customer and stakeholder engagement.

I specialise on four key activities:

  • Value Proposition Design
  • Customer Understanding and Profiling
  • Challenger Messaging
  • Experience Design

I follow a pretty simple process:

  • Conduct research and workshops to help stakeholders imagine what what can be achieved and what value can be realised, not just for the organisation, but for the customer
  • Create compelling messaging and experiences that will drive the desired outcome
  • Connect with the audiences naturally and with empathy

In addition to working with my own clients I am Creative Director for European-based action and adventure brand, Extreme, and I work with The Construction Site, a film production studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

What's in a name

'Stagden' is the name of where I grew up in Essex, in the eastern counties of England. The three arrows through a crown is from my family crest, which I am told comes from the Battle of Agincourt on 25 October, 1415.My ancestors were amongst the English and Welsh archers who decimated the French cavalry with the longbow, leading to one of the greatest military victories in history and heralded a new era in warfare.Today, as the pen is mightier than the sword (or the longbow), I like to think I continue the tradition by providing new ways for organisations to tackle their challenges to win battles of a different kind.